Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Do you feel like you cannot shake those overwhelming, anxious feelings that are with you more than you’d like?

If these feelings do go away will you know how to manage your well-being if (or when) it comes back?

Exercise, eating right, and sleep is great, but what if that’s not enough?

Do you feel like no one understands, no one “gets it”, and you have no one to talk to?

You ask yourself every, single, day, “Will this black cloud over my life ever go away?”


What difference would it make if your life looked like this:

You recognize and are aware of how you’re feeling BEFORE it’s too late.

You know how to manage these feelings of anxiety and overwhelm in a healthy, encouraging way.

You understand that mental health is not about one solution but a variety of methods that are unique to you and your family.

You are no longer afraid to reach out and find someone who will listen to you and walk alongside you through this journey.

That black cloud in your life no longer has control over you. YOU are in control of your own thoughts and feelings.


This is the solution you have been looking for . . . 


Welcome to Life Coaching – Depression & Anxiety Support!

During our time together you will discover:

How and why you MUST change your mindset

How to discern the truth from the lies in your life

What you need to embrace and what you need to let go for your own self-care

Who you can reach out to as a mentor, accountability partner, or simply a friend

A unique strategy for you and your family that will keep you on the path of peace, well-being, and true joy

Before I forget, let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Samantha McDonald. I’m a life and family coach, speaker, and depression survivor. At the birth of my oldest daughter, I experienced what was one of the hardest times in my life – post-partum depression. My husband and I had just brought our new baby girl home and I was NOT a happy new mother like I thought I “should” be.

The first year of her life included a lot of anger, self-condemnation, exhausted nights, crying spells, and much doubt about being a parent. This continued off and on until we welcomed our third child, our son, into the world. With his birth, post-partum depression raged its ugly head again but this time I felt unworthy, not deserving of love or grace, and contemplated leaving my family and committing suicide.

When my son was a year old, with the prodding of my husband and best friend, I went to a counselor. Through those 2 ½ years I learned how to win the daily battle with depression and anxiety. A desire to share this victory with others grew out of this experience, and that’s why I’m here today.

Each coaching package is listed below. If you’d like to discuss some different options or have questions, please complete the contact form or follow the link to the calendar below.

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* 1 – 30-minute coaching session for both us to discuss your goals and create a plan

* 1 – 30-minute follow-up call in one week for any other questions you may have

* Written summary of our sessions together, including a written plan of your initial goals

* Email support throughout our time together

Price: $97

Time invested: 1 week


Everything in Coaching Package #1 plus:

* 4 – 30-minute follow-up calls or meetings for any other questions you may have (these will be scheduled weekly)

* Email support throughout our time together

Price: $297

Time invested: 1 month


Everything in Coaching Package #2 plus:

* 6 – 8 30 minute follow-up calls or meetings for any other questions you may have (these will be scheduled bi-weekly)

* Email support throughout our time together

Price: $597

Time invested: 2 months


If you’re still unsure if this direction is right for you, complete the form and I will email you a brief, simple plan of action based on this questionnaire. From there you can schedule a meeting or you can use my recommendations for FREE, no strings attached.

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