Would you like to have systems in place in your home that will end the nagging, complaining, and feeling of overwhelm?

Would you be delighted to have a home with a sense of peace and calm, rather than disruption and chaos?

Would it feel so nice to have a plan in place for all the daily tasks you are responsible for?

Welcome to the “Control the Chaos” coaching packages!

As a wife of a full-time minister, a working mother of 3 children, 2 with special needs, and a depression survivor, I know and understand the overwhelming pressures and responsibilities placed on moms (and dads too!). This is why I’ve developed systems and routines to help my family, not only survive, but to thrive through all of the busyness and distractions.

My husband often refers to me as the “Family Manager”. He knows and appreciates the work I do to keep the house running as smoothly as possible. (There are days I wonder how we’ve made it through with our heads still attached!) I have learned over the years, through much trial and error, how effectively a simple plan or routine can keep a household running like clockwork.

And I’d love to help your family do the same.

Each Control the Chaos package includes:

  • one initial 30 minute phone call and one 30 minute follow-up phone call
  • email access to me for 30 days following the initial phone call
  • complete ‘start to finish’ package which includes development and creation of  routines, schedules, systems and plans unique to your family’s needs

All research, creation and development of any materials, routines, schedules, calendars, menu plans, shopping list, etc will be done by me. My goal is to take the responsibility of setting up your family management system off of your hands completely. We simply discuss what your goals are, then I return with a complete system packaged nice and neatly for your review.

Control the Chaos: Family Routines

In the Family Routines package we will talk about what systems you’d like to create in your home – chore charts, daily schedules, school checklists, etc. At the end of our time together you will have a complete system in place that you can begin to implement immediately with your family.

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Control the Chaos: Meal Planning

In the Meal Planning package we will set up a basic meal plan, unique to your family that you can easily follow. This can include a list of your most common meals, ideas for breakfast, lunch and snacks, a complete shopping list, simple and healthy recipes, and a monthly food plan. At the end of our time together you will have a monthly food plan designed to streamline grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking for your entire family.

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Control the Chaos: Design Your Own System

Each family has its own unique design. As a family who has had to course correct many times due to ministry involvement, medical diagnoses, and busy schedules, I completely understand. You may not have a need for chore charts or meal plans, but you may be looking for something completely different and unique to your family. In the Design Your Own System package we will take a look together at your family’s current situation and concerns. At the end of our time together you will have a unique family plan designed specifically for your family’s needs.

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If you’d like to chat a bit more before we begin working together, I offer a free email consultation or introductory phone call. Complete the form below and I will email you within 24 hours with some helpful ideas of how together, we can give your family the peace and freedom you are looking for. To schedule a phone call, scroll to the bottom of this page to access my calendar.

For any questions, please email me at samantha@livingwithrealjoy.com.

I look forward to working with you soon.  🙂

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