5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves – I’m Not Good Enough

Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be tackling some of the most common lies we tell ourselves, and how we can conquer them once and for all. Let’s start this week with one of the most common self-deceptions out there >>>

Week #1 – I’m Not Good Enough.

As women, we tell ourselves this one a lot. And it can be about any area of our lives – as a mom or wife, a daughter or sister, with our jobs, in our homes, or within our communities. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because it’s a lie we’ve been believing for way too long.

A lie is something that is not based on the truth. Lies also use guilt and condemnation in order to make you believe something that is not true. Recognizing this is the first crucial step in combating the false truths we hold onto daily.

The best way to conquer any lie is to recognize it for what it is – full of condemnation and false truths.

How do you do this? One of the best ways I’ve found is to write out each truth to combat each lie. Yes, actively write out the truth to each lie.

Take a piece of paper or your journal. On the left side write out each lie, or for this example, write out all the areas of your life you believe you are not good enough. On the right side write out the truth to each one of those areas.

For example, instead of “I’m not good enough as a mother”, write down, “I am doing my best as a mother. The most important thing is that I love my children.”

Instead of “I’m not good enough at work”, write down, “I may have messed up that order at work, but it’s OK. No one is mad at me, and my boss understands that mistakes happen.”

Instead of “I’m not good enough at home”, write down, “Does it really matter if my house is a mess? No! The only person that’s bothered by it is me.”

What area of your life do you feel “not good enough”? Take a few moments today to begin the journey towards conquering this lie once and for all.


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How to Replace Self-Deception with Life-Long Truth in These 4 Steps


Knowing how to distinguish the falsehoods we have believed about ourselves from the reality in our lives is HUGE when it comes to living with victory over depression.

Why is that?

When you are struggling daily with depression and anxiety, there are days you feel like you are going to lose your mind. Your mindset is completely skewed by the lack of control you have over your emotions and your mental health.

How do I know this? Because it’s what happened to me over 10 years ago.

When my first daughter was born, I experienced something I would not wish on my worst enemy. Post-partum depression. Like any illness, some are hit harder with symptoms than others. I had every single symptom in the book.

Irrational anger, high expectations for myself and my family, overwhelming guilt, feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of worthlessness, and believing that my family would be better off without me as a wife and mother.

So yes, when you are experiencing the above symptoms, you are deceiving yourself and believing all sorts of lies and untruths.

What do you do when you are unsure what is true and what is false in your life?

pinterest-ad-2Write down everything you are thinking about yourself or your situation.

Essentially this is called a “mental brain dump”. Get a sheet of paper, journal, whatever you can use, and write down the beliefs you have about yourself, or that you’ve heard others tell you. I suggest not spending more than 10-15 minutes on this.

Review your “mental brain dump” list.

Read through each statement you wrote down one by one. If you need someone objective to help you then, by all means, enlist their help.

Write the truth to each statement you wrote in step 1.

This area may take much longer than 10 – 15 minutes. If you have quite a long list, I suggest tackling 5 statements at a time. This process can take a while, but it is the most important part of the process. If you are going to live in victory over depression and anxiety, you need to KNOW and BELIEVE the truth about yourself.

Choose one Truth each day or week to focus on.

This may seem like some psychological mumbo-jumbo to you but trust me, it works. How do you change something over time? By creating a new habit. By reviewing each truth every day or every week, you are creating a new habit in your mind. The habit of finding the truth about yourself and your situation, no matter how painful and difficult it can be.

We will be tackling this exercise in my newest course, 5 Keys to Winning the Daily Battle with Depression & Anxiety. This is one method I use to replace the lies I have believed about myself with the truth of my current life situation.

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Have you ever used this method to fight the deception you have believed about yourself? How did it help you? Are there other methods you have used to bring the truth back into your life?









What Does God’s Word Say About That?

What Does God's Word Say About That?Jesus is the Truth.

This statement is one I cling to constantly. I have to. It’s so easy for me to believe the lies the world tells me, the enemy tells me, or even the lies I tell myself.

When your life is turning upside down, and you have no idea who to believe, or where to turn, Jesus as Truth is the best place to start.

During my counseling sessions, my counselor would often use this question to make me stop and think about the beliefs I held on to:

What does God’s Word say about that? Read More