When You’re Between a Rock & Hard Place . . . Remove the Rock

To some of you, the above statement makes perfect sense.

For me, I’d rather do anything but remove the rock.

Complain about the rock.

Stomp on the rock.

Yell at the rock.

Use Jedi mind tricks to try and move the rock.

Seriously, you see why I have issues. 😉

Many of you know my husband and I are seeing a counselor. It has been a very eye-opening process. It’s been so good for my husband and I and I’m so thankful we’re going together.

This past week I was able to communicate my need for “a break”. What I really said was, “I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T CATCH A BREAK!” Yeah, just like that.

Over the last few months, overwhelm and imbalance have both devoured my life. And I am beginning to seriously feel it.

After verbalizing my feelings and listening to some profound and wise advice, I realized that I am in a constant state of hopelessness – feeling like I’m between a rock and a hard place.

And I need to remove that darn rock.

With help from our counselor, we were able to work out a strategy together, to begin the journey towards balance in my life. I cannot express to you the relief and peace I felt simply knowing we are now on the right track.

My question for you today . . . what is your rock?

It’s different for everyone. Your rock could be finally admitting you need help. Or giving up something you don’t want to but know you need to. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s something that is keeping you feeling stuck, without hope.

And I KNOW that is not a fun place to be.

Take a few moments after reading this email to ask God to show you what rock needs to be removed from your life. Don’t spend one more moment complaining or yelling at it.

Simply remove the rock.


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