Autism in Our Home: Emotional Reactivity

Emotional Reactivity.

Emotional Reactivity

I saw this phrase when our son and I were at one of his occupational therapy appointments. It’s a pretty big word, but basically means, “Freak-outs that result in huge meltdowns!”

Well, at least that is my unprofessional, “mother of a special-needs child” opinion.

When our Little Man was first having these meltdowns, I thought were just really bad temper tantrums. Something that boys do. We have 2 daughters who are older than our son, and I have one sister. So I have no idea what it’s like to have a little boy in the house.

Obviously, this is not a normal way for little boys, or girls, to behave.

Yes there is always the occasional tantrum. Some kids have temper tantrums more than others. But here, I’m talking major meltdowns. It may be hard to know the difference between the two. I found this amazing infographic on Pinterest that helps explain how tantrums and meltdowns are 2 very different issues. Read More

How to Create a “Calm Down Jar”

Isn’t it great how the little things can be so exciting?

Take bubble wrap. Who doesn’t like to pop all those little bubbles until you’re down to the very last one. And I mean the very, last, one. Sometimes it’s fun to fold up and twist the whole thing, popping them all at once. POP! POP! POP!

(Yeah I know what you’re thinking. She’s gone nuts.)

But seriously, sometimes you just need to pop some bubble wrap.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, and will most likely mention again, I love Pinterest. Really, I love it. Just ask my husband. He’ll tell you I probably spend more time with Pinterest than with him. Pinterest has been a huge source of ideas for us for our ADHD-Autism-SPD family.

(Yes, bubble wrap and Pinterest will eventually bring me to my main point here.)

I came across this fun idea (like bubble wrap) called a “Calm Down Jar”. Now THAT sounds exciting to me. Anything that will make our house calm is definitely worth looking into. As I was reading this I immediately thought of our Goosey Girl. She is attracted to such items like bubble wrap and glitter glue. She could spend hours playing and creating with them. So on one of my many trips to Walmart, the Little Man and I picked out the supplies for this new craft. I thought he may want to create one of these jars too.How to Create a Calm Down Jar

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