Autism in Our Home: Food Aversions

What Autism Looks Like in Our HomeFood aversion issues in our home have been the largest source of tension for our Little Man. In an earlier article I mentioned how oral sensory issues is the same as “our son does not eat” and this is fairly accurate. He eats a small, limited variety of foods, and most of them are not very good for you.

Food Aversion  – AKA My Son Does Not Eat!

His food aversion began when he was a toddler. After being off formula he would eat all kinds of things – ham, turkey, meatloaf, hot dogs, spaghettios, cheese, apples, peanut butter. Typical toddler food. Around the age of 2 he began to literally refuse food by throwing his plate on the floor. We had a carpeted dining room so you can imagine how messy this was.

And how aggravating this was.

I did not understand this. It seemed like out of the blue he would refuse foods he had always eaten. During this time he did develop a sensitivity to peanut butter and dairy, until about the age of 3. He would break out in a terrible rash and have some major digestive issues.

I began to do research on food sensitivities and also read a few books about picky eaters. I tried some of the strategies they suggested but no matter what I did he would refuse the food anyway. Read More