Discover Your Breaking Point (Before IT Breaks You!)

There are many strategies you can use to prevent an anxiety episode or minimize the effects of a depressive episode.

One of those strategies I teach my clients is to discover your breaking point, and then stay far away from it!

What is a “breaking point”?

For me, my breaking point was when I was overwhelmed, freaking out, and feeling completely out of control of my life. This would send me into a spiraling cycle of anger and guilt. When this happens (and still does at times) I am miserable, exhausted, and so is the rest of my family.

A very practical way to discover your breaking point is to perform your very own self-test.

Keep a daily log of your activities and attitudes. Do this for one full week. At the end of your testing period, take note of your poor moods and attitudes. Then ask yourself questions like these:

Does my bad attitude follow a particularly hard day?

What activities were I involved in that may have had an effect on my attitude?

Was it a bad day at home with the kids?

How was work for myself that day?

The following week, remove one of those activities that appeared to influence your mood.

Are you volunteering somewhere and you need to take a break or cut your time in half?

Can you have your spouse or another parent drive your child to his/her after school activities?

Do you need to say “No” to certain events that you have attended in the past?

If you simply cannot remove any of these activities from your life then you need to ask for help.

Do you need help with the kids after school?

Do you need help with cooking meals or with cleaning the house?

Ask your spouse to take on more of the child-rearing responsibilities or house-cleaning responsibilities. Trust me, my husband would much rather be in charge of putting all the kids to bed each and every night, or take over laundry duty, then to see me making myself miserable, and the rest of the family along with it.

Take note if this helped or hindered your attitude. You can repeat this process to pinpoint any certain activities that bring you close to your breaking point.



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