3 Powerful Truths to Help You Overcome Depression & Anxiety


Anxiety and depression can really make you feel like you have a split personality at times. I used to be very good at placing that perfect mask on my face, letting the whole world know that I’m “just fine”. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I’ve had more than a few people mention they would never have guessed I struggled so terribly with a mental illness. I’ve also had people tell me when I’m talking with them, that I would never understand their struggles; in fact, no one would understand their personal chaotic journey.

Yes, everyone has their own experiences, but as I’ve often mentioned here at Living With Real Joy, no one is ever alone. Oh yeah, it feels like you’re alone at many times, but trust me, I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know what’s it like to feel like no one would understand my situation, that no one cares about my situation, and quite frankly, that no one would miss me if I was no longer in their inner circle.

Allow me to share with you the emotions and events of those early days before I was diagnosed with depression, so you know that I do understand what others are going through.

Irrational anger

Overwhelming guilt

Living under a “Black Cloud”

Yelling at my kids over the most insignificant things

Ridiculously high expectations for myself and others 


Total failure

Invaluable as a human

Too weak to fight my mental battle

Constant self-condemnation

Questioning God and His love for me

Being an awful mother

Being the worst wife (especially to a Pastor)

Suicidal thoughts

I distinctly remember, at my worst point, driving to attend a church function with my 3 kids in the van, and wanting to drive my van straight into a tree. I was completely exhausted and wanted to be DONE fighting this battle inside of my head. I truly believed that if I was no longer around, life would be better for my kids and my husband. I turned that van around and went straight home, finally confessing to Chad the personal mental battle I was facing every single day.

There were 3 significant constants in my life at this time, that stopped me from destroying myself:

I was raised in a Christian home, and even though I didn’t believe God loved me, I knew enough about Him to know leaving my family was not the right answer.

Chad was a constant support to me and although this time of our life was one of the most difficult for him, he did not give up on me.

I have a close Christian friend, who I could be completely honest with. She listened to me, loved me, and reminded me how much God loved me too.

After I confessed to Chad that I thought everyone would be better off if I was dead, he scheduled an appointment for me with a Christian counselor. This counselor discipled me and showed me that God’s truth is not based on feelings, but on God and who He is, regardless of my feelings.

The journey I walked through was real. Those feelings, emotions, and thoughts of that time were something I will never forget. As God brought me through that painful journey He helped open my spiritual eyes so I could see His truth. I had never before experienced this type of true freedom and internal peace. Because of this, I want others to understand this very same freedom and peace is available to them.

You simply need to be willing to let someone show you.

I invite you to walk with me as I share 3 truths that helped me overcome anxiety and depression once and for all, no longer allowing it to have control over me. Click on the image below to download this free guide today!


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I Thought Anger Was Bad

I Thought Anger Was -Bad-Depression can be a funny term. When I realized I was suffering from depression, I didn’t think I had the classic symptoms – not wanting to get out of bed, crying all the time, feeling sad constantly. My most noticeable symptom was anger, and then guilt over how I reacted to that anger. Before learning more about this mental illness, I would have never placed “anger” and “depression” in the same category.

The anger I felt and displayed was over some of the smallest issues. Our son throwing his plate of food on the floor for the 27th time that day. My husband not cleaning up his dirty dishes from the living room. Our middle spilling grape juice on the kitchen floor leaving a sticky mess. Really silly things.

Then there were some major things that made me angry. Our oldest as a 2 month old infant, crying constantly, and me not knowing at all what to do. Finding out that “friends” of ours at our church had said some very personal, hurtful things about my husband. Angry with myself for not being responsible with our money and it affecting our whole family’s lifestyle. Whether I experienced anger over the small things or the major things, I still experienced it. And I had no idea how to handle it.

My counselor explained to me that anger is not good or bad. It’s what you do with it that is good or bad. For instance, if I were to throw the TV out the window because I was angry, that would be bad. He even talked with my husband a bit about how to help me deal with my anger in a healthy way. He explained that anger will come out, one way or the other. He told me he preferred I didn’t throw appliances out the window, BUT he did say if that was the only way for it to come out, then so be it. Anger is much more dangerous being left inside, to fester and grow, causing you to become a bitter, miserable person. Read More

A Conversation Between Myself & God

A Conversation Between Myself & GodI came across an entry in a journal of mine that I use to take notes at church or when I’m reading. This particular entry was from a few years ago.

I remember when I wrote it. I had finally realized that despite my depression, whether medical or emotional (which for me it’s both), God would lead me through it and could still bless me and use me in spite of it. I knew He could take me to another level but I had no idea how He was going to do it. I had many ideas for Him but obviously He has His own.

This entry is a window into my mind; a picture of a conversation I had between myself and God. I am sure I’m not alone. Many others deal with the same type of conflict. We know where we want to go, but we have no idea how to get there.

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Looking back I can see exactly why I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I invite you now to read my thoughts and my prayer. Some of it sounds selfish, but I wanted to be completely honest with God. Read More