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Samantha knows what it’s like to experience major depression, to the point of feeling unworthy, hopeless, and truly believing her family would be better off if she were no longer living. Through over two years of biblical counseling, she learned three foundational truths that brought her out of the darkness of depression. Follow along as she shares her story through this 27 page book, where you will read about God’s promise of hope and joy for your own life-journey.


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This devotional is based on the group study, 30 Days to More of Jesus, a Christian Life course that explores who we are truly are as Jesus-followers. It includes the same daily devotionals, reflection questions, action steps, and Bible verses we explore in our time together.

During these 30 days we ask the following questions:

Week 1 – Who is Jesus?

Week 2 – Who am I?

Week 3 – What has Jesus done?

Week 4 – What has Jesus done for me?