3 Powerful Truths to Help You Overcome Depression & Anxiety


Anxiety and depression can really make you feel like you have a split personality at times. I used to be very good at placing that perfect mask on my face, letting the whole world know that I’m “just fine”. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I’ve had more than a few people mention they would never have guessed I struggled so terribly with a mental illness. I’ve also had people tell me when I’m talking with them, that I would never understand their struggles; in fact, no one would understand their personal chaotic journey.

Yes, everyone has their own experiences, but as I’ve often mentioned here at Living With Real Joy, no one is ever alone. Oh yeah, it feels like you’re alone at many times, but trust me, I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know what’s it like to feel like no one would understand my situation, that no one cares about my situation, and quite frankly, that no one would miss me if I was no longer in their inner circle.

Allow me to share with you the emotions and events of those early days before I was diagnosed with depression, so you know that I do understand what others are going through.

Irrational anger

Overwhelming guilt

Living under a “Black Cloud”

Yelling at my kids over the most insignificant things

Ridiculously high expectations for myself and others 


Total failure

Invaluable as a human

Too weak to fight my mental battle

Constant self-condemnation

Questioning God and His love for me

Being an awful mother

Being the worst wife (especially to a Pastor)

Suicidal thoughts

I distinctly remember, at my worst point, driving to attend a church function with my 3 kids in the van, and wanting to drive my van straight into a tree. I was completely exhausted and wanted to be DONE fighting this battle inside of my head. I truly believed that if I was no longer around, life would be better for my kids and my husband. I turned that van around and went straight home, finally confessing to Chad the personal mental battle I was facing every single day.

There were 3 significant constants in my life at this time, that stopped me from destroying myself:

I was raised in a Christian home, and even though I didn’t believe God loved me, I knew enough about Him to know leaving my family was not the right answer.

Chad was a constant support to me and although this time of our life was one of the most difficult for him, he did not give up on me.

I have a close Christian friend, who I could be completely honest with. She listened to me, loved me, and reminded me how much God loved me too.

After I confessed to Chad that I thought everyone would be better off if I was dead, he scheduled an appointment for me with a Christian counselor. This counselor discipled me and showed me that God’s truth is not based on feelings, but on God and who He is, regardless of my feelings.

The journey I walked through was real. Those feelings, emotions, and thoughts of that time were something I will never forget. As God brought me through that painful journey He helped open my spiritual eyes so I could see His truth. I had never before experienced this type of true freedom and internal peace. Because of this, I want others to understand this very same freedom and peace is available to them.

You simply need to be willing to let someone show you.

I invite you to walk with me as I share 3 truths that helped me overcome anxiety and depression once and for all, no longer allowing it to have control over me. Click on the image below to download this free guide today!


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My Word of the Year – TRUST



This week I wanted to share one of the first Facebook LIVES I created in my group, Choosing JOY. This was back in January 2017, where I was talking about my “Word of the Year”.



Ugh, I do not like talking about trust. It’s hard, it’s not easy and it takes a conscious effort on our part.

Thankfully, today I’m not talking about trusting a person. I am talking about trusting God, especially when life does not go as planned.

Click on the image below to watch. The video is less than 10 minutes and is a fantastic reminder of why we should only trust in the One who is completely worthy.


Word of the Year - TRUST


My Word of the Year – TRUST

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5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves – I Am Responsible for Everything

5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves - I Am Responsible for Everything

As women, this statement right here gets us every time. I’ll use myself as an example.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said things like “I have to do everything around here!” or “No one helps me. They’re fine with letting me do all the work!”

My middle daughter tells me often, “Mom, I offer to help you and you say no. And then 15 minutes later you’re complaining about how you have to do everything.”

You know what I call this? Martyr syndrome. Yup, I’m acting like a martyr.

A martyr is “someone who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs”. Now I am not making fun of martyrs, not one bit. But when I say things like “I have to do everything!” I am acting like I’m sacrificing myself for the cause. The cause of what? A clean house? Clean laundry? Running errands? Running my kids to and from drama practice/cheer practice/games/parties?

No thank you. I’m willing to sacrifice myself for my family but not in the name of winning the “Best Mom” award.

I’d love to be able to answer the question of WHY we do this to ourselves. Why do we as women sacrifice ourselves for stupid things? (Yes, I said stupid.) Why do we feel like being the best mother, best employee, best wife, best business owner, best neighbor or best volunteer means we have to be and do all things for everyone? That is INSANE! And that is a recipe for a mental or nervous breakdown. (Trust me – I know this all too well.)

While I cannot answer the question of WHY, I can answer the question of HOW. How do we stop ourselves from accepting and believing this lie? How do we take a step back and gain perspective on what is truly important in our own lives? And remember, what is important in your life, may not be important in someone else’s life. Therefore, NO JUDGING! I’m totally talking to myself here too.

What can you do and how can you stop taking responsibility for “everything”?

It’s actually quite simple. Most of us need to get our of our own way before we can follow these steps.


This step right here is one of the first things I teach my clients in my “Control the Chaos: Home Management” coaching program. 

Ask for help. Get your family involved. Every single person in your home can pitch in and help out. Create a chore chart for you, your spouse, and your children. If you’re not married or have no children, ask for help from friends or co-workers. We were never meant to live this life alone.


Stop doing what is not necessary. Does the living room have to be vacuumed every day? Will your child suffer tremendous torture if you don’t take her to her friend’s house for the weekend? (She may think so – lol!) Will your husband go to work naked if you don’t do that huge pile of laundry on the bathroom floor? Stop taking responsibility for something that is NOT your responsibility.

Here’s the tough question: Which of these options, “ASK” or “STOP” do you have trouble practicing the most? A reminder for you as well – This is not something that will change overnight. It will take consistency, determination and letting go of your pride (that’s me!!) in order to change the habits you’ve been practicing for years.

If you know you need help in this area, or you’re not sure where to begin, click on the link below to schedule a free phone chat with me. We can chat about what needs to happen in your life and your home so you (and your family) can live a less stressful, more closely connected life together.


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5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves - I Am Responsible for Everything

5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves – I Have No Control Over My Life

I don’t know one person who has never felt like this. And if you haven’t, there will come a time when you will. The key is knowing how to handle it when your life feels completely out of control.

The truth is, there will be times you are not in control of your life. People will make decisions that will affect your future. Illness will strike. Your job will be eliminated, or a new opportunity will make itself known. It’s during times like these you need to focus on what you have control over.

You have control over the decisions YOU make.

You have control over how you react to your situation.

You have control over what thoughts you allow into your mind, whether you fertilize those thoughts and let them grow, or whether you reject them before they turn into bitterness and resentment.

If you are feeling like this, here’s what I suggest. Take a piece of paper. On the left side write down how you’re feeling. “I’m not in control!” or “I feel so out of control!” On the right side write down what you are in control of – your thoughts, your decisions, whatever it may be.

I’ll be discussing this topic in my Facebook group, Choosing JOY, this Tuesday at 11:00 am. Click the image to join the group so you can dig deeper into learning how to handle your life when it feels completely out of control.

5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves - I Have No Control Over My Life