6 Tools to Help Calm Your Anxious Child


Last week I ended my series “What Autism Looks Like in Our Home”. It included emotional reactivity (aka meltdowns), sensory issues, sleep problems, anxiety, and food aversions. This is not an exclusive list by any means but these are the Top 5 that stand out to me as we raise our son.

Today I’d like to share some of the tools I did not mention in this series, that we’ve used to help with these daily issues.

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Yoga Ball

This has been a huge hit in our home. We originally bought this for our daughter with ADHD. It works wonders for her when she just can’t settle down and is super fidgety. It also works for our son when he’s bored or just needs to get some energy out.

Activity Books

Our son loves books. Before he could even read he would sit and look through books often. Over the last year we’ve found that he particularly enjoys activity books – mazes, puzzles, and seek and finds. Read More

What Autism Looks Like in Our Home

What Autism Looks Like in Our HomeOur son was diagnosed with Mild Autism in the Fall of 2015. Well, his psychiatrist diagnosed him in spring of the same year, but he did not have an official diagnosis until our son had an ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) completed. It basically means he was observed by 2 therapists (occupational and speech) for about 2 hours, while they engaged him in different types of play. He had no idea he was being “observed” and we were right there in the room with him. His psychiatrist read the results of their report and he was then given his official diagnosis.

Autism is such a broad disorder. It’s actually called Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are specific symptoms listed on the Autism Spectrum, and depending on your child’s symptoms depends on how his autism is labeled. At least that is my view of how the medical and psychiatric community sees it.

As far as I know, there is no cure for autism. Oh I’ve read different articles stating, “My son has been cured of autism, by following A, B, C, and so on”. This usually follows some sort of specific diet. And hats off to you if that was happened to your child. In fact, Hallelujah!! And I mean that. Because there are so many parents out there who have tried A, B, and C and still are just as lost as when they started out. Read More

Living With Real Joy on “Mamalode”!


Today I’m happy to share with you my featured article on “Mamalode” – 5 Reasons Occupational Therapists are Awesome.

April’s theme for Mamalode is “SUPPORT”, and I can honestly tell you, our occupational therapists at our local hospital have given us tons of support when it comes to our Little Man. They’ve given us different tools to try at home, suggestions for calming strategies, his sensory issues, and even for his picky eating behaviors. Besides our psychiatrist, they have been the most helpful for our entire family.

Hats off to Occupational Therapists!! You do so much more than you realize and I want to say “Thank You!”

Join me tomorrow for an update on my “I’m Not Stressed!!!” article, where I’ll be sharing what stresses me out and what helps me mellow out.

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Friday Favorites: Your ADDitude

FF- Your ADDitudeToday’s “Friday Favorite” comes to you from my all-time favorite ADHD resource, ADDitude Magazine. We discovered this (actually my husband did) shortly after our daughter was diagnosed. It’s chock full of resources and real-life stories that I have referred to over and over and over again. So I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you today. All of these can be found on Pinterest at Samantha @ Living With Real Joy.

I Love You. You Drive Me Crazy. Let’s Work On It.

Being married to an ADHD spouse definitely has its challenges. I love this article because the author is so honest about the realities of being married to an ADHD spouse and herself being a non-ADHD spouse. Just as much as I think what my husband does sometimes is wackadoodle, he also thinks the same about me and my OCD tendencies. Read More