Have you tried setting up your MailChimp account but not really sure where to start?

Do you want an easy simple way to navigate email marketing for your blog or business?

Do you ever feel like you want to throw your computer out the window after attempting to create your list?

Imagine if you could do the following quickly and with ease:

Set up your MailChimp Account.

Create your email list.

Edit and customize your sign-up forms.

Add your opt-in or free resource.

Begin to grow your blog or business!

Welcome to A Beginner’s Guide to MailChimp: Your 1st Step to Creating and Growing Your Email List!

Lesson #1 - Before You Begin

Lesson #2 - Create Your List

Lesson #3 - Create the Sign-Up Forms

Lesson #4 - Add Your Opt-In

Lesson #5 - Test Your New List

BONUS #1 - “30 Ideas for Your Next FREE Opt-Ins” FREE Checklist

BONUS #2 - FREE 30 minute phone call to help you implement what you’ve learned in this course.