How often have you felt this way . . .

“Lately, I feel spiritually stuck. I know God loves me and has forgiven me, but I don’t always believe it.”

“I grew up in the church and learned ABOUT Jesus. Now I want to learn WHO HE TRULY IS.”

“If I’m a Christian, why am I so unhappy?”


What if your spiritual life could look more like this . . .

Not only know but believe in your true identity as a Jesus-follower.

Live a victorious life every day, even in the middle of your chaotic circumstances.

Learn the truth of who Jesus is, what He has done, and why He loves YOU!



You CAN not only learn all of this but BELIEVE it as well.

Join me for our next in-depth online small group experience!

(Registration begins Monday, August 21. The group begins, Monday, September 4.)

For 30 days, together we will discover who we are in Christ, our identity as Jesus-followers, and the truth that we can live a thriving, joyful life, in the middle of our messiest situations.

Each week we will focus on the unique aspects of our relationship with Jesus as we explore answers to these questions:

Week #1 – Who is Jesus?

Week #2 – Who am I?

Week #3 – What has Jesus done?

Week #4 – What has Jesus done for ME?

This online course will be held in a private Facebook group. Each day there will be daily devotionals and reflection questions. You may participate as much or as little as you’d like. No pressure whatsoever.


A little about me . . .

My very own battle with depression began right after our first daughter was born in 2002. Since then I have experienced victory from the stronghold depression had on me. It was a long, tough battle that almost ended my marriage, but through medication, a wonderful friend and mentor, and 2 years with a Christian counselor, I no longer let depression control me. It is something I will always have, but God has shown me I do not need to live in bondage to it.

Me & my “Goosey-Girl” at a tween girls retreat

The content for this 30-day online course was derived from over 2 years of Christian counseling, where I learned my true identity as a Jesus-follower, God’s pure and authentic love for me, and the truth that I can have real joy regardless of my earthly circumstances.



30 Days to More of Jesus is for any woman who desires to . . .

Know God’s goodness and faithfulness on a more intimate and personal level.

Take time each day to breathe in the truth of God’s love for her.

Shut out the noise around her and quiet her soul before a God who longs to spend time with her.


Registration begins Monday, August 21.


How this works . . . 

When you purchase 30 Days to More of Jesus, you’ll receive an invitation from me via email to join the exclusive Facebook group for this group study. You’ll need to accept that invitation and log in to the Facebook group regularly to participate.

Please provide a valid email address during checkout so we can send you that group invitation. If you have any questions, please email me at