3 Ways to Change a Negative Mindset


If want you learn how to change a negative mindset, I can definitely help you with that. Not because I’m great at being positive all the time, but because I used to be a “negative mindset expert” also known as constantly negative and bumming everyone out around me!

Before I even realized I was living with depression, I would look at a situation and think of the worst possible option. My nature was to be judgmental, opinionated, and extremely critical. Now I didn’t always let others know what I was thinking, but even if I didn’t speak these things out loud, they definitely showed themselves through my attitude, my short temper and my daily interactions with others.

So how does someone with a constant bad attitude, which was more like living a negative lifestyle, turn those thoughts around and make them point in the right direction? 

As a life coach, the following suggestions are my top 3 ways to change my client’s negative mindset. Before I go into any more detail though you need to hear this. It is a process. This is not something that will change overnight. You will need to be diligent and consistent. This is the beginning of a journey towards a more balanced mindset and a more peaceful YOU.

Practice Gratitude

Can I be honest and tell you this is my least favorite way to change my attitude? When I’m in a “mood” the very last thing I want to do is be grateful. I’d rather complain about everything instead.

Being thankful, before you feel like being thankful, causes a shift in your mindset. It automatically takes you from focusing inward to focusing on the truth that is all around you.

Ideas for practicing gratitude:

Write a thank you note.
Tell your family why you love them.
Write down one item you’re thankful for every day.

Do for Others

This one is fantastic. Not only are you not focusing on yourself and your own troubles, you’re purposefully doing something helpful or kind for someone else. It is impossible to be negative and be kind to someone else all at the same time.

Ideas for doing for others:

Bring your friend or co-worker their favorite coffee.
Text your spouse a love note.
Bring home your children’s favorite dessert.

Read, Read, Read!

There are so many different ways to read these days. Blogs, online articles, ebooks, and real live books are available all around us. Even for those people who say they aren’t readers, this is such a simple strategy for taking that negative mindset and turning it into a positive attitude.

Ideas for reading:

Daily devotional
The Bible – particularly the Psalms
Blogs or online articles
Books on parenting, marriage, faith, and self-discovery

These suggestions may seem almost too simple, but practiced every day, compound on each other and make a huge impact in your attitude and your life.

Do you have a need to change your negative mindset? What strategies do you use to focus on having a positive attitude?




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