3 Steps Towards Relief from Anxiety



This week I am so thrilled to bring to you Bridgette Petrino of “Mommy Needs a Time Out”. She has graciously offered to share a bit of her story and how she experienced and recovered from depression. I encourage you to listen to her, heed her advice, and learn from her own story.


What is your biggest regret?

I’ve spent the majority of my life worrying about what could happen, and keeping my life in control as much as possible to limit the possibility of something going wrong.

That is my biggest regret. I spent too much time missing out on the present because I am too distracted by worry.

I realize now that is called anxiety.

It’s a big deal.

Many of us blow off the terms worry, stress and anxiety. Because so many of us deal with it, we have accepted it as the norm. No big deal. Everyone is rushed, stressed, and worried, so it’s fine if I am too.

But, it is a big deal.

Anxiety robs us of peace. We miss out on moments. And, eventually, it can turn into depression.

Let’s start exposing these as real problems.

FREE pdf - How to Talk to Each Other About DepressionTalk about it.

The first way that you can start your journey of healing anxiety is to talk about it.

Find a trusted friend or family member who will support and encourage you and hold you accountable for helping yourself.


Get on medication, if necessary. There is no shame in that.

Read, journal, and treat yourself with compassion. Take care of yourself.

Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. If you are feeling down because you think you aren’t kind enough, generous enough, or patient enough then give yourself more kindness, generosity, and patience.

Not in vain.

Use your struggles to help others. Don’t let it go in vain. Your pain will not go to waste and can be used to heal others.

Serving others helps you as much as it helps others.

What about you?

Have you ever dealt with anxiety? What did you do to get through it? And, check out my chat with Nancy Hornback to hear our stories and advice!


Bridgette is a wife and mom of 3 daughters. She is a recovering perfectionist who used to worry chronically and feel guilty for taking time for herself. Eventually, the pressure of being perfect caused her to crack. She ended up having a breakdown, which led her to realize the importance of self-care, especially for moms. Now, she helps women just like her, to stop feeling guilty and to take their lives back. Her website is www.bridgettepetrino.com.






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