You are invited to join me this coming Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST, for a small group 1-hour coaching call.

This is a place for you to:

  • Ask questions you may not want to ask in a public setting.
  • Feel safe in a cozy and intimate setting.
  • Speak “face-to-face” with someone instead of through a Facebook group or email.
  • A chance for me to listen to your personal thoughts and offer feedback and recommendations.

How will this help you?

  • You will be listened to and taken seriously.
  • You will find freedom in talking your struggles through with someone who has “been there”.
  • You will be able to connect with other like-minded people who can also relate to your experiences.
  • You will be given practical steps you can take THAT DAY to help you move forward.

This will be held in my private Zoom Room. Once you purchase this group coaching session, you will be sent a link to join me and only 3 other people for 1 hour of group coaching. This group coaching call is limited to only 4 people. 

Purchase today by clicking on the image below. For any questions, email me at