How Do You Overcome Depression?


This question has been asked of me many times. I have a lot of experience to rely on and I can tell you what I did, thought, and believed. I can tell you what I was taught and how that helped me.

But I cannot tell you how it ACTUALLY happened.

I can tell you there are certain habits I created that help me even today. I can also tell you that I don’t believe God has taken depression from me. I still live with it even though I have overcome it.

King David, one of the kings of Israel who wrote many of the Psalms in the Bible, dealt with depression all the time. He knew he could express his feelings to God with no backlash or anger from Him. He was very honest and open with God, and also questioned God many, many times.

Listen to a few examples of how he expressed his depression . . .  Read More

What Does God’s Word Say About That?

What Does God's Word Say About That?Jesus is the Truth.

This statement is one I cling to constantly. I have to. It’s so easy for me to believe the lies the world tells me, the enemy tells me, or even the lies I tell myself.

When your life is turning upside down, and you have no idea who to believe, or where to turn, Jesus as Truth is the best place to start.

During my counseling sessions, my counselor would often use this question to make me stop and think about the beliefs I held on to:

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From Burdens to Blessings

blog-title-template-1Children . . . (Sigh) . . . that word can either make you sigh with joy or sigh with desperation. I love my children, and I would never trade them for anything. I am sure, as any mother would tell you, sometimes they just drive you crazy! Chad will often look at me and say, “Is Connor 18 yet?” We both chuckle because we know when that day comes we will both be very sad to see our children all grown up.

When my children were younger, I would feel so guilty for the way I treated them. I have yelled, talked down to, set aside, spoken harshly to, and treated my kids as “less than”. I have made my kids feel like they are not important to me. Guilt over my lack of loving kindness towards my children is one of those things that I have wrestled with A LOT and still do.

I say that my kids have not always been a blessing to me, because there was a time they didn’t feel like a blessing. They felt like a burden, a HUGE one, that I “had” to take care of. There was a time I would become so irritated with them. The girl’s whining, complaining, and constant fighting and arguing. Connor’s meltdowns, tantrums, or the fact that he would not sleep through the night. Read More

How to Get Through Depression


This week I am so thrilled to bring to you Bridgette Petrino of “Mommy Needs a Time Out”. She has graciously offered to share a bit of her story and how she experienced and recovered from depression. I encourage you to listen to her, heed her advice, and learn from her own story.


What is your biggest regret?

I’ve spent the majority of my life worrying about what could happen, and keeping my life in control as much as possible to limit the possibility of something going wrong.

That is my biggest regret. I spent too much time missing out on the present because I am too distracted by worry.

I realize now that is called anxiety.

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